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Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank


Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Berlin, Germany

The most enduring and endearing memory of the old chancellery in Bonn is that of Henry Moore’s sculpture "Two Large Forms". However, in April 2001 the centre of power moved into its new domicile in Berlin. Or to put it another way, the power behind the German executive has a new centre. And what a centre it is: Not a trace of intimidating totalitarian architecture, instead indications of a desire - unencumbered and unmistakably confident - to show a bit of pride.

Unrelenting, even in the detail
The lever handles favoured by Axel Schultes are a Bauhaus classic from 1928. The design was previously only available in brass from the company P. Bisschop.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
But within a very short time, designer Gottfried Heinz had turned it into a project fitting. Working with OGRO, he developed a series in stainless steel, mirror-polished including the roses and backplates. Around 3,000 of these sets were produced exclusively for the new chancellery. So let’s hope that the new building enables the presiding chancellor and all those destined to follow him to keep a good grip on all matters of state.