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Union between the Old Town and the walled area of ​​the Citadel


Patxi Mangado




Pamplona, Spain

The Baluarte, Auditorium and Convention Center is a large space that can harmonize science and education, arts and culture. It is one of the largest buildings for this purpose in Spain with over 63,000 m2.

It offers a unique space to host any type of event regardless of its size, features and number of participants.

Despite its gigantic proportions - higher even than the Kursaal or Euskalduna - The Baluarte maintains a friendly, caring and respectful appearance within its environment.

Project Details
The Palace, opened in 2003, is located in the centre of Pamplona, ​​in the most important shopping and entertainment area of the city. The building, built in an L shape, has 4 underground floors, two of them for public parking, and projected onto a pedestrian square of 10,000 m2. It completes its enviable location as it serves as a link between the Old Town and the walled area of ​​the Citadel a sixteenth century fort that takes in one of the largest green areas of the city.

Baluarte has a main auditorium with capacity for 1,568 spectators. A Chamber Hall ready for 444 people, can hold medium sized meetings or conferences, and other cultural activities and small concerts. For other events and exhibitions this building has another 4,800 m2.

dormakaba’s contribution to the Project
The dormakaba ITS 96 system used in the Baluarte, not only Fulfils a function of opening and closing but also it is integrated into the environment thanks to its compact design that allows for a hidden installation.