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Space in a sacred setting.


Schütte und Beiler, Heidelberg


Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg architects Rolf Schütte and Gerhard Beiler had an unusual and interesting brief. The new community centre of the “Lutherkirche” (Lutheran church) was to be directly linked to the church building while at the same time allowing flexible utilisation of the spaces provided. The community hall, the assembly rooms and the kindergarten “embrace” the church building both through their structure and their functionality. The two foyers and the corridors serve as the gateways linking old and new.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
Variflex partitions ensure maximum adaptability of the room sizes to the type of function and number of participants taking part. With five room-height Variflex systems, dormakaba Hüppe was able to make a major contribution to the creation of a forum that, as the centre of religious, cultural and spiritual life, could not be more vital or dynamic. A further three dormakaba Hüppe Varitrans Compactline systems comprising 10 elements in all were also installed to create a transparent partition between the nave and foyer. At the centre of each of these is provided a double-leaf, double-action passdoor. These variable partitions can be opened to integrate the church, entrance foyer and adjoining hall.