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Port Shepstone, South Africa

The Hibiscus Day Clinic in Port Shepstone, South Coast, offers something that many operators within the healthcare space are not equipped to – a user experience second to none because of easy, secure and safe access control.

The Clinic is well established and provides a premier service to the local and surrounding communities, and is busy 24/7/365.

With so much regular business and a consistent flow of visitors, access control is of critical importance.

Thankfully the architect contacted dormakaba to provide a complete specification and supply its equipment and proven technology to reinforce control.

The institution invested in dormakaba’s TS92 and TS93 door controls, with GSR and GSR-EMF fire door systems, TH120BP lever handles; DPH213 and DPH215 pull handles, as well as ES200 Easy and ES200 Heavy Duty automatic operators (approximately 50 in total).

The consulting team, together with tech specialists from dormakaba, acknowledged that one of the main challenges with this project was to ensure ‘synchronisation’ of auto operators installed between passages, ward lobbies and wards.

This was necessary to restrict airflow (and thus infection) between areas, and close co-operation had to be maintained between all stakeholders – and this was achieved.

The project, completed in June 2019, was headed-up by Roelof Meyer, Robert Cubbin and Gerhard du Toit of Theunissen & Jankowitz Architects, South Coast.

Its success and the effective rollout of this acclaimed, robust technology was the result of the highest level of professionalism and effective collaboration.