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A park for 150 different types of sport


Arup Associates


Singapore, Singapore

The Singapore Sports Hub designed by ARUPSPORT is more than merely multifunctional. Measuring 35 hectares, the huge complex of sporting arenas will accommodate 150 different sporting disciplines. Within it there are also several multifunctional sports halls, a swimming pool, skating park and a go-kart track, a water park for the dragon boat races so popular in Asia, and not least a 41,000 square meter shopping mall. At the heart of this gigantic sporting landscape is the new National Stadium in which football and cricket, athletics competitions, concerts and, above all, the huge parades that celebrate Singapore’s National Day, can all take place.]

Project details
With a height of 80 meters and a diameter of 315 meters, the dome of the Singapore Sports Hub counts among the largest moving roofs in the world. A mere 2m thick and extremely light, it can be closed in just 20 minutes. The inside of the dome is to be used for light projections, providing the spectators with fantastic 3D visuals. As a further amazing engineering feat, there is an innovative cooling system provided for each spectator’s seat, designed to keep temperatures pleasant in tropical Singapore. Especially energy-efficient, this arrangement only uses a tenth of the power normally required by a conventional fully air-conditioned stadium.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
The doors in any areas are equipped with dormakaba door closer systems: about 200 doors in the substation areas and more than 500 doors in the façade (TS 68 and TS 73 V), as well as 150 doors in the retail areas (BTS 80/ 80 F). The lobby of the car park is also accessed by automatic sliding doors from dormakaba (ES 200 Easy).