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Transparency in advertising.


Jörn Rohberg, Berlin


Berlin, Germany

The Munich company Serviceplan Argenturgruppe is one of Germany’s leading advertising agencies. Now its Berlin branch has extensively renovated its premises on Oranienburger Straße. In the attractive and newly designed penthouse suite, the executive board requested that flexible and transparent room partitioning systems be employed in order to enable this area to be as widely and flexibly used as possible.

dormakaba's contribution to the project 
The transparency of the partitions was a key requirement, allowing daylight to flood into the rooms. However, a high level of sound insulation was likewise needed because the agency also rents out its premises to external partners. Architect Jörn Rohberg opted for the MOVEO Glass partition system from dormakaba Hüppe as a solution eminently capable of meeting these apparently contradictory demands.
Indeed, with MOVEO Glass partitions, it was possible to virtually double the useful area available in this "house of communication". Consequently, the character of an entire storey can be adapted to the prevailing requirements of the users of the moment: open and transparent for day-to-day work or sound-reducing and visually impenetrable for confidential customer discussions. For if there is a need to protect the occupants from the gaze of others as they talk in hushed tones, the motorised blinds located between the glass panes can be simply lowered at the push of a button.
Within the shortest of time, the MOVEO Glass partitions can be moved into place in order to create up to three meeting rooms in the Berlin agency’s penthouse. Yet if there is a need to utilise the floor in all its expansiveness and beauty, these movable glass walls can be simply and quickly parked out of the way in space saving stacking tracks for an efficient and visually attractive solution.