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dormakaba sliding doors are designed to provide the maximum performance.


Project Manager: AENA




Tarragona, España, Spain

Reus Airport, managed by AENA, is located 3 km from the city and 13 km from Tarragona, serving throughout the province, especially the resort areas of the so-called Costa Dorada in Cataluña.

Officially opened in June 1990, Reus Airport has traffic that exceeds 1,200,000 passengers a year; used mainly for operating international charter tourist flights, mostly from the UK.

Features of the project
Reus Airport’s movement has increased in recent years and is expected to increase further in the future, hoping to reach 1,470,000 passengers in 2015.

Following these expansion plans a new arrivals hall of 3,800 m2, distributed on two floors and that can accommodate 1,500 passengers per hour has been built.

Reus airport facilities are ready to welcome people with diverse mobility, with good access ramps, adapted toilets and spaces reserved in the projects.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
At an airport, the doors are one of the most important elements by the large number of people who use them.

dormakaba, with its sophisticated technology in automatic sliding systems has satisfied the requirements for installation in emergency exits. In the case where the space was small dormakaba has installed a RST sliding swing door, with its own design and technology.