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Russell & George


Melbourne, Australia

Queen Victoria Village, generally known as QV Village or just QV, is a precinct in the central business district of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. QV comprises of a large shopping centre, a central plaza, an underground food court, supermarket, offices and apartment buildings.

Architectural Highlights
QV’s use of bright colours and large international motif symbols enabled the amenities to stand out and be defined by user groups easily. The male and female toilet facilities are long rooms and with the use of cleverly spaced coloured tiles spanning across the width of the rooms they effectively resemble giant zippers. Barrier-free facilities were also required to further enhance this outstanding public facility providing access and egress solutions for all.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
QV’s brightly coloured amenities are fitted with the dormakaba Privacy Door System (PDS). This system provides unhindered automated access for people with disabilities and parents with babies. The PDS can be fitted to either swing or sliding door operators depending on the required design application. On this project the PDS was installed to disabled toilets and baby change room sliding doors. 
The system is completely barrier-free providing ease of open, close and secure. Further the actuation back plates include braille to ensure ease of use for the visually impaired. Meeting the National Construction Code (NCC) - Access for people with a disability, Braille and tactile signs and Australian Standard AS5007 power doors for pedestrian access and egress, truly makes this system barrier-free.