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plus 4930 Architektur, Berlin


Berlin, Germany

In the middle of Kreuzberger Kiez in Berlin, the "Overkill-Shop" readily attracts the attention of the passers-by for its sneakers and street wear. Because at 195A Köpenickerstrasse, Robert Peiser and Thomas Schulz, inspired by their trips to Tokyo and New York, have developed a store, the concept of which sets new standards for the German capital – an artistic blend of classic prestige showroom and living street art.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
A 3 x 10 metre MOVEO partition from dormakaba with mirror and illuminated glass panels dominates the sales room on the ground floor. The Berlin graffiti artist GEL has redesigned the panels with his “scratchings”, imparting to the establishment a truly unique look. The lines scratched into the surface create a three-dimensional light sculpture once the back lights are switched on to illuminate the mirrors from the rear.
During the day, the wall is opened to present the hottest new releases and designer labels. In the evening, the sales team occasionally likes to hold a small after-work party. Then the MOVEO Glass partition system is moved in front of the valuable goods so that they are properly protected from theft and damage.