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Dorbarth and Partner, Mosbach


Mosbach, Germany

Increased space provision combined with greater variability and flexibility in the utilisation of that space was required in order to enhance the working environment enjoyed by the bank’s staff. What better solution, then, than to combine the two facing existing structures with a glass atrium as a common roof and a bridge linking the two upper floors. The passage below the bridge structure was also incorporated within the overall functional and architectural concept.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
dormakaba Hüppe movable walls were elevated to the standing of being the major component within the overall planning and design concept. Thanks to the integration of translucent cassette windows in the Variflex elements located at the ground floor, the conference rooms situated behind these are provided with plenty of natural daylight. The impinging light is effectively diffracted by the satinised glazing to give the rooms a friendly and pleasant glow.

The most striking characteristic lies in the dormakaba Hüppe movable walls’ ability to operate as a flexible configuration element, converting the available space to precisely the compartmentalised sizes required. When the partition is opened, the two small rooms are converted into one large room. And if the large mobile frontage is also opened, the foyer is incorporated to create a dynamic and inspiring hall with all the credentials of a modern architectural design.