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Once more, dormakaba, the global leader in access control and security solutions, has proven its technical dexterity and unrivalled expertise having successfully installed its robust access control solutions at the Windhoek-based offices of the Namibia Public Worker’s Union (NAPWU).

NAPWU invested in a range of solutions that are guaranteed to provide a high level of physical security and access control, including stainless steel covered adjustable locks, stainless steel plates, ironmongery by Safe door manufacturer, sliding door, lever and pull handles, among other strategic product placement.

A number of locks were included in the deal including dormakaba cylinder sash lock and latch lock, as well as door stops, roller bolt and hooks.

The investment provided a full scale line-up of the right product to suit the Union and reflect the progress it is making as an organisation

It was a joint project that called for the expertise from several key role-players.  The architect on board was Claud Bosch Architects, they worked with quantity surveyor Louis Burger Quantity Surveyors, and civil/structural engineers SCE Consulting Engineers, along with Tuhupitha Consulting & Project Management as well as Blueprint Consulting Engineers. JS Hardware and Hobby served as the merchant.

The end result is a modern building fully kitted out with aesthetically pleasing but entirely functional and practical security solutions.​​​​​​​