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Warzawa, Poland

The Medicover hospital which has been built in the Wilanów District in Warsaw is one of the largest hospital investments in the history of private health service in Poland. It is the first private hospital for children and adults in Poland with such an extensive hospitalisation profile and health care meeting the highest international standards. The erection of the Medicover hospital started in July 2007 in Miasteczko Wilanów – a neighbourhood in Warsaw. Medicover invested close to EUR 40 mln in the project and is the first private hospital to offer such a wide range of medical services. The total area of the hospital amounts to almost 16,000 m2.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
The Medicover hospital is a dormakaba reference object with a wide range of products in the area of automation and door technology. Entrance and internal doors have ES 200 automatic sliding doors operators and ED 200 swing door operators. Manual doors are fitted with door closers made by dormakaba.