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MCP Yacht, São Paulo, Brazil


São Paulo, Brazil

In designing and building their creations,  the professionals of the Brazilian company MCP Yachts focus on integrating stylish elegance and functional convenience. With the ES 200 automatic sliding door operator from dormakaba, the company’s designers and engineers have found a solution that really ticks all the boxes.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
In yacht applications, the ES 200 serves both as an effective divider and a convenient link between inside and out. The different control options available with the ES 200, selectable on the basis of the program switch and the various sensors incorporated within the sys¬tem, ensure that the door is always perfectly adapted to each situation. Whether held permanently open, kept closed or with auto¬matic opening and closing on demand, each function can be implemented and enabled at the push of a button or by incorporating the appropriate sensors. 
Plus: the ES 200 operator system is of modular design, so if its range of functions ever needs extending, it is just a matter of adding the necessary components rather than replacing the existing ones.