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Door systems from DORMA provide barrier-free access for physically disabled children


OHO-Architekten GbR


Stuttgart, Germany

The “Margarete-Steiff-Schule” in Stuttgart and its students are confronted by their own particular challenges on a daily basis. All 150 children and teenagers are significantly hampered by their physical limitations, with many having to bear major and multiple disabilities. The school has now been extended, providing room not only for further classrooms and specialist teaching facilities but also a new focal point for the school in both the spatial and the social meaning.

dormakabas contribution to the project

For the high-traffic main entrance, the architects decided in favour of two automatic sliding glass door assemblies. The two sets serve to isolate a large vestibule at both ends, i.e. on the inside and the outside. Each morning, 150 students arrive at this point and, accompanied by their helpers and caregivers, stream into the building together with their various physical aids such as wheelchairs and walking frames. Consequently, the two sliding door sets need to meet a number of requirements: They thus ensure barrier-free access with a clear passage width of 2.65 meters and visual transparency. They also offer a high degree of thermal insulation and anti-intruder protection.

The outer sliding door chosen for the vestibule was the intrusion-inhibiting ST FLEX Secure. This meets the demands of resistance class WK2/RC2 to DIN EN 1627, thus combining the convenience of an automatic sliding door set with effective protection against burglary and vandalism.

The inner door of the type ST FLEX Green brings with it outstanding thermal insulation (UD) values thanks largely to a thermal break in the especially slender frame profiles.

The main focus of the planning work involving the doors of the inner zone was on constructional fire protection. On both floors, the selected door sets ensure safe separation of the new building from the old and also between the foyer and the classroom wings. They serve in the first instance as protective fire barriers and are generally left open for normal daily use. They are equipped with TS 93 cam-action door closers.