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A ship of glass and steel.


ECHO Design Consultants, Riyadh


dormakaba Arabia


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Glittering retail temples are today as much a part of the image of the Arabian Peninsula as majestic camel trains and spacious Bedouin tents. The latest pearl in a long string of purchasing paradises is the “Mall of Arabia” in the Saudi harbour town of Jeddah. A total of 330 outlets - including many of the top designer stores - and 34 restaurants offer the ultimate in shopping seduction.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
In all, the structure boasts a floor area of 25,000 square meters. Among the salient features of the design are three futuristically shaped “light funnels” integrated in the roof of the shopping centre. Each of these three-dimensional free-form structures comprises an intricate network made from 450 dormakaba RODAN tie rods linked together by hubs of stainless steel. 
dormakaba has also supplied the LOOP glass clamp mountings for the frameless double-glazing units that form the 18 metre high, 5,000 square metre façade. The glass panels of the skylights are themselves held in place at their edges by dormakaba RODAN single-point glass clamp fittings and multi-arm connecting spiders.