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Multi-use community centre with discreet door technology




Gemeinde Mompach


Born, Germany

Born, a small town on the German-Luxembourg border, has considerably refurbished and extended its “Centre Polyvalent.” This multi-purpose community building contains an events room which can also be used for school sports and by clubs, a rehearsal room for the music club and rooms for the childcare centre.
The revamp project was made necessary by new energy-efficiency requirements and the latest fire regulations. The work included enlarging the music room, increasing the capacity of the childcare facility and adding a crèche.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
The Luxembourg-based architects responsible, witry & witry, are renowned not just for their proven expertise in the field of sustainable building but also for an architectural style aligned to keeping the requisite technology – the hardware and service installations, for example – as discreetly in the background as possible. Hence, the architects opted for a range of dormakaba products for the interior fittings, enabling the requirements of spatial quality, user friendliness and fire protection to be satisfied on a single-source basis.

Door closers with free-swing function
Thus, all the fire doors in this building, which is predominantly used by children and teenagers, were equipped with free-swing door closers from DORMA in the form of the ITS 96 FL and the TS 99 FL.
The integrated model, the ITS 96, was used on doors for which aesthetic elegance was particularly desirable. The closer bodies and the slide channels of these models are of such a compact design that they can be recessed – and thus concealed – within the door leaf and frame.

Automatic swing door operators
The double-door entrance to the building with its triple-glazed viewing window and correspondingly high weight was equipped with a heavy-duty ED 250 automatic swing door operator. This unit is designed to handle door weights of up to 400 kilograms (approx. 880 lbs) and door widths up to 1,600mm (approx. 5.25 feet). Its Power Assist function facilitates easy manual opening and barrier-free access