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Lisbon eternally united oceans


Cambridge Seven Associates, arq. Peter Chermayeff


Lisboa, Portugal

The Lisbon Oceanarium is a museum of marine biology located in Nations' Park in Lisbon. Opened in 1998, the Oceanarium was the centrepiece of the last World Exposition of the twentieth century, with the theme "The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future."

This pavilion resembles an aircraft carrier and it is installed in a harbour surrounded by water. Oceanarium is the second largest in the world and contains an impressive collection of species - birds, mammals, fish and other marine inhabitants.

Project Details
Composed of four separate areas representing Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Antarctic habitats, in addition to its fauna and flora, the main attraction for most visitors is the large central tank. Several fish species such as sharks, barracudas, rays, tunas and small tropical fishes coexist in it.

Like most modern aquariums, the Oceanarium also continually developing new educational activities, and supports multiple scientific research projects, most of which are focused on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of the oceans.

dormakaba’s Contribution to the Project
dormakaba has given the project the best solutions door closers and floor springs as well as the Universal Series hardware for glass doors. In the case of the TS 83 rack and pinion door closer, because of its performance, has been used for heavy and wide doors in the Oceanarium. The floor springs and the glass fittings have fitted perfectly in this museum where transparency is essential.