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Process efficiency - unique appearance.


mori:projects C Wald M Phillips GbR, Stuttgart


Stuttgart, Germany

In 2008, architects mori:projects C Wald M Phillips designed an 800 m2, two-storey suite of offices for a legal practice extending above the roofs of Stuttgart. Their remit was to combine an investor’s layout with the needs of a legal practice for the firm of Schaudt, Attorneys at Law, in order to create an interior design to enhance office process efficiency.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
Flexible space utilisation has been ensured through the incorporation of a MOVEO partition from dormakaba Hüppe. It allows room sizes to be adapted quickly and easily to prevailing requirements, keeping the layout ever flexible and efficiently multi-functional. Open and enclosed zones alternate, with even the corridors individually designed as fully-fledged rooms in their own right.