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Lonehill - Johannesburg, South Africa


Goodbrand Architects

For market leading enterprises security and effective access control are perquisites for operations, no matter what industry or sector.

In the world of motoring Land Rover South Africa is an established, exclusive brand.

Extra Dimensions 80 (Pty) Ltd., on behalf of its tenant Land Rover Lonehill, contracted dormakaba to supply and implement high-tech, robust access control solutions.

This technology is world-renowned and recognised for being reliable, robust, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing.

The technology required not only addressed all Land Rover’s access control and security requirements, but the solutions accentuated the brand’s meticulous, exclusive image.

dormakaba supplied ES200 automatic sliding door operators for the entrance lobby with frameless glass top and bottom rails, and MUNDUS Patch Fittings were used for the internal frames glass partitions.

dormakaba HSW frameless glass sliding, stacking door system, and dormakaba door closers, locks and handles were also used throughout.

dormakaba collaborated with several professional outfits to ensure this project’s success. The impressive line-up included Goodbrand Architects, Themba Consulting, STUART RAY SKEAD ASSOCIATES Quantity Surveyors, Sacola Construction and photographer Lenska Tweedy