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Tadeusz Spychała


Warsaw, Poland

The five-star hotel has a homogeneous slender shape in pea-green colours. The building houses 326 guest rooms of different standards, 77 luxurious apartments and 12 conference rooms. There is a ball room, two bars, two restaurants, a fitness club and spa in the hotel. A modern swimming pool has been built on the 43 and 44th floors; it is one of the top swimming pools with the highest location in Poland. There is an underground five-storey garage in the hotel.

The Intercontinental Hotel is the third largest hotel in Europe.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
The five-star luxurious hotel in the centre of Warsaw has been fitted with a number of dormakaba products in the areas of automatic revolving and sliding doors as well as door technology and movable walls. The conference part contains Variflex manual movable walls. Glass doors are fitted with BTS 75 floor closers. A KTV automatic revolving door was installed in the main entrance of the hotel.