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Green in the truest sense of the word.


Crepain Binst Architecture nv, Antwerp; VK Engineering nv, Brussels


Torhout, Belgium

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© Crepain Binst Architecture nv

The new administration centre of the Belgian energy utility WVEM in Torhout is an architectural highlight that serves as a model for a new generation of energy-efficient office buildings. Crepain Binst Architecture, working in cooperation with VK Engineering, has succeeded in combining impressive design with innovative energy concepts.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
Thanks to the interplay of different systems and technologies, energy consumption is reduced by 35%, and CO2 emissions by 36%, compared to conventional office buildings of a similar genre.
The door systems and glass fittings and accessories from dormakaba further contribute to this positive energy balance. The ES 200 automatic sliding door operators are not only easy to use but, thanks to their high functional efficiency and longevity, also contribute significantly to the sustainability credentials of the build.