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Alfonso Casares y Carlos Ferrater de AIDHOS-OAB


EBA (San José Group)


Vizcaya, Spain

The Medical Surgical Clinic (IMQ) in Zorrotzaurre (Bilbao) is the largest private medical centre in the Basque Country.

This steel and glass building, as well as being a reference on the horizon of the new Bilbao, is perfectly integrated in the proposed restructuring of the Ria 2,000 area.

Located on a 9,000 square meter plot, the Clinic has an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and centralizes all activities that were performed in various departments until now and offers all medical and surgical specialties

Project Details
The most singular element of the project is the polygonal and modulated facade covering the part nearest the Euskalduna bridge in Bilbao that is dedicated to the hospitalization unit. It is based on the idea that there are never two points on the same vertical, giving the feeling of movement at the same time as we move.

Also, thanks to the colorless material, the facade reflects the light, casting a myriad of colours, resulting in a very similar effect to the Guggenheim Museum.

dormakaba’s Contribution to the Project
With proven experience and good references obtained by dormakaba in others hospital projects in which they have worked, dormakaba solutions were chosen to meet the specific needs of functionality, quality and design of a public building as the clinic IMQ Zorrotzaurre.