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Petzinka Pink Architekten, Düsseldorf


LEG Standort- und Projektentwicklung GmbH, Düsseldorf


Düsseldorf, Germany

Three former barracks buildings with protected heritage status and a new building in the north of Düsseldorf are the place where Grey, an international marketing agency, masterminds its creative concepts. The brick buildings are of different sizes and used to house cavalry and infantry regiments. They have been comprehensively renovated, and some have also been extended. The historic façade has been complemented by extensively glazed exterior walls.

An ambience that couples old and new.
The interior of the building once occupied by soldiers conceals an exciting mix of old and new. To provide more usable floor area, a new office block was built at the rear of the old building. This meant that the old brick façade became an internal wall. The windows look out onto corridors, offices and conference rooms.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
Access solutions from dormakaba contribute to an open spatial configuration. Thanks to their design, they integrate functionally and aesthetically into the architectural concept. Door closer systems, lever handles and glass door fittings ensure visual consistency. The effect: outstanding ease of access.