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Warszawa, Poland

The hospital at ul. Madalińskiego was established in 1953 according to a design by an engineer Władysław Borawski. At first the building was designed as a public outpatient clinic but soon after the commencement of work the need for a modern gynaecological and maternity hospital was deemed more urgent. The gynaecological ward was opened in July 1953 and the maternity ward with a labour unit – half a year later. The hospital used to be a clinical backoffice of the Institute of Mother and Child and later part of Zespół Opieki Zdrowotnej nr 1. (health care centre) and it was already then that the labour ward at ul. Madalińskiego was a crucial element of the Warsaw health care landscape.

For several years the hospital has been expanded and modernised on a large scale and the single-specialisation gynaecological and maternity hospital is being converted into a modern multi-discipline health-care centre devoted to the health problems of the family.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
The hospital at ul. Madalińskiego is a dormakaba reference object with products in the automation and door technology areas. Entrance and internal doors have ES 200 and ES 200 T automatic operators standard and telescopic sliding doors and ED 200 swing door operators. Manual doors are fitted with door closers made by dormakaba.