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Pretoria, South Africa

More businesses across a number of key sectors are investing in next-generation access control technology to protect their staff, premises and infrastructure. We are excited over the growing interest from operators within the healthcare environment, for example.

Healthcare is a foundation sector in any country and is well known to be competitive and strictly regulated by legislation, codes of conduct, and policies, among other frameworks. It is also understood that service providers in this environment must have sterile, user-friendly and attractive premises. All physical areas of the business – including access control – have to meet specific requirements.

Access control is always an important consideration for businesses, and particularly people-centric institutions like hospitals. 

dormakaba ES 200 T offers no touch, no risk assurance

dormakaba’s ES 200 T range of automatic telescopic sliding door operators are robust and designed for full automation which significantly reduces the need for human touch and contact, and thereby helps to instil the highest levels of hygiene.

The sliding door operators are TÜV-type approved which means they are recognised as ‘automatic sliding doors without break-out, approved for use in emergency exits and escape routes’ for opening widths of up to 4000mm.

dormakaba’s range includes the ES 200 Easy, ES 200 T and the ES 200 T-2D versions. These operators are designed according to a modular system and this enables the user to expand the functionality of the system without having to replace components.

The company emphasises the prefabricated MiniDriveUnit, industrially tested and equipped with all the necessary electrical and electronic components.

It also highlights the ability to link up quickly and seamlessly with dormakaba’s ASP software, which allows users to easily commission or set up standard parameters. This is done via an integrated display with push buttons on the front of the control.  There is also optional programming on offer.

Power and performance are critical components that speak to the success of the ES 200 solution offering, and dormakaba has ensured that these components are covered by the PowerDrive system.

The system can readily cope with sliding door weights of up to 200kg per door panel depending on the door configuration.

Groenkloof Hospital goes automatic

In August dormakaba supplied and installed frameless glass automatic doors and the renowned ES200 system at Groenkloof Hospital in Pretoria for its theatre and entrance areas.

There is an increased awareness in the market about dormakaba’s leadership in access control and security infrastructure – and that is mainly because of the quality of systems like ES200, which reflects the company’s years of experience in the automated security domain and collective knowledge of the industry.

The ES200 is the system of the future and corresponds with all the latest industry standards and safety regulation.

We are committed to sustainable development as one of our business maxims. dormakaba’ s aim is to ensure energy-saving and resource-conserving production, a high recycling ratio and the longevity of our quality products.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), based on a holistic life cycle assessment, are used for the calculation of the sustainability of buildings.

Why is this relevant? For any credible business in healthcare, equipment and infrastructure has to be both aesthetically pleasing but, perhaps most importantly, practical.

The implementation of this durable, attractive and modern access control system has been a major success story. It has ticked all the boxes.

dormakaba is proud of its contribution to the longevity and practicality of Groenkloof Hospital. The feedback received from management, staff and patients has been very positive!