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A transparent and ethereal presence


Moneo Brock Studio


Cuenca, Spain

With the new Glass Pavilion in the Cuenca Exhibition Ground, a multipurpose building capable of hosting concerts, festivals and fairs has been achieved as its very transparent and ethereal presence. Thus, the nearly 14 hectares of the complex have been fragmented into small structures that together make up a large space. The use of materials such as white painted steel for the structure, limestone floor and transparent or translucent glass roofs and facades, help achieve a fragile and lightweight appearance.

Project Details
The Moneo Brock architecture studio, author of the project, distributed a great and solid construction into 23 structural pentagonal shaped modules attached to a mesh tree.

Cuenca is characterized by extreme weather: very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Not being an air-conditioned building it is planned that in summer all the downstairs glazing will be collected and left as a diaphanous surface.

For this purpose, we have used more than 220 linear meters of DORMA HSW-G sliding panel system. In addition, the covers have linear openings that allow adequate forced ventilation. In winter, all the glass panels will be closed and along with a floor heating system heated by geothermal energy. This will achieve the proper greenhouse effect.

dormakaba’s contribution to the Project
The HSW-G glass sliding panels in the facade have been specially designed for this project, including dormakaba PHA 2000 settlement evacuation.