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Kisho Kurokawa Architects & Associates, Singapore


Singapore, Singapore

The new address for future-aligned technologies and forward-looking lifestyles is the two towers that make up Singapore's Fusionopolis. Over a total of 24 storeys and 120,000 square metres, the Japanese star architect Dr. Kisho Kurokawa has designed what he terms a “layered city”. With 24 of these vertically arranged “layers”, the build fuses together a complexity and diversity that would other wise only be found distributed over many locations.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
dormakaba has been able to make a significant contribution to the pioneering concept of this vertically layered community, providing numerous door solutions and architectural hardware products from heavy-duty lever handles and locks capable of withstanding unrelenting usage, to efficient and economical automatic door operators, with horizontal sliding partitions and elegant glass fittings and accessories also part of the package.