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Museum of Natural Science


Herzog de Meuron




Barcelona, Spain

The Forum of Cultures building was opened in 2004 for the Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004.

This event was organized with the aim to be a place where the world citizens could share, discuss and debate the most important and urgent issues of twenty-first century life.

The Forum was its headquarters building and the focus of this international event.

Project Details
Located in the final intersection of Avenida Diagonal and Rambla Prim, at the mouth of the river Besòs, it is part of the local administration project to restructure and revitalize this neighbourhood on the east side of the city.

The triangular floor was designed to accommodate conferences, concerts and exhibitions and it has become an architectural landmark.

Since March 2011, the Forum of Cultures Building has hosted the Blue Museum of Natural Science, opened as a great "temple" to encourage curiosity about the planet we live in.

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