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Multi-sensual oasis in the centre of Hamburg


Jan Störmer, Störmer Murphy and Partners, Hamburg


Hamburg, Germany

The ideas of three creative minds have been harmoniously combined in a new designer hotel of the five-star category - the Hamburg SIDE. The ingenious plans of Jan Störmer Architects of Hamburg, Matteo Thun, Milano and Robert Wilson, New York have also been recently recognised through the award of the 2002 Architectural Prize.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
At the heart of a building is a 30m high atrium in which two full-length light installations create the appropriate moods as they constantly change with the hour and season.
The Variflex Top 100 K sliding wall from DORMA Hüppe Raumtrennsysteme was designed to the highest standards, in keeping with this concept. For the system in the ballroom: open-pore sucupira hardwood - complemented by granite cladding with V2A stainless steel profiles. Sucupira also in the restaurant, and Abet Laminati Print 810 in white in the conference zone.
On the door hardware side, the architect and interior designer again opted for dormakaba products in order to ensure that nothing disturbs the critical eye. Compact ITS 96 door closers were incorporated in the solid timber and panelled doors for a perfectly concealed solution, while fully integrated RTS 85 transom door closers were used for the semi-round WC doors. Aesthetic elegance at its purest.