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Bolesław Stelmach i Partnerzy


Warsaw, Poland

The Chopin Centre was established in 2004 by the Minister of Culture and the execution of the design was directed by the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute. Deemed timeless and remarkable, the design by the architectural studio of Bolesław Stelmach i partnerzy was executed by Polimex Mostostal. The ready building was commissioned in March 2010. The lower part of the building was clad with concrete precast units to imitate the facade of the two-storey tenement house from the mid-19th c. which used to stand there. The upper part is glazed.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
Solely the prestigious solutions offered by dormakaba match the prestigious building of the Chopin Centre. Doors are fitted with the highest-quality elements such as handles produced according to an individual design by the architect B. Stelmach and the reliable BTS 75V floor closers which are concealed in the floor and thus do not interfere with the harmony of the stylish door panels. The HSW sliding glass doors are an excellent solution for rooms of various purposes and at every place where the separation of rooms may not affect their neatness and elegance. Swing doors with BEYOND fittings ensure visual simplicity and elegance while their durability guarantees faultless operation for many years.