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A different hotel


Jean Nouvel


Barcelona, Spain

The Catalonia Fira Hotel "is a different hotel in the city like no other." These words of Josep Ribas Ribas & Ribas Folguera, local studio project collaborator, define this architectural gem, also environmentally friendly thanks to its structural design.

Project Details
Since 2006, when the project was launched, dormakaba has been working in its executive to completion in 2012. The Jean Nouvel Architectual Bureau and dormakaba, with whom they had already had contact in other architectural projects, were analyzing the different proposals to meet the required needs in each hotel space.

During these six years, many manufacturers have participated in the building and dormakaba has developed its project prescription consulting service, resolving all technical access requirements, providing high-quality technical and aesthetic solutions that ensure the safety, comfort and convenience for everyday use with all of them.

The dormakaba’s Contribution to the Project

The interior of the Catalonia Fira Hotel is equipped with a wide range of dormakaba solutions from the rooms, the introduction for clients, to the staff areas.

The versatility of the ITS 96, TS 92  and TS 91 Cam-action door closers installed in all its variants, have contributed to the interior spaces design of the Hotel while its quiet, smooth and safe operation ensure maximum comfort. EASY OPEN technology reduces the effort needed to open and close the gates by 40%, provided that recommended in DIN SPEC 1104 standard, helping to fulfill the Hotel accessibility parameters. The dormakaba 8062 and dormakaba 7421 fittings for swing doors are another example of versatility because they are installed in the dressing room doors, taking care of the finest detail.