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A light and sustainability project.


Rafael de la Hoz




Leed Environmental Certification from EEUU


Madrid, Spain

The new CAMPUS REPSOL in Méndez Álvaro, was designed by architect Rafael de la Hoz. He has opted for a horizontal development to gain breadth and luminosity on the lower floors.

The complex, which has five floors, is composed of four interconnected volumes, creating a quadrilateral whose central area is occupied by a large wooded yard, from where there is access to the property.

Project Details
This project, aimed at sustainability, has earned the U.S. Environmental Leed rating. Its architectural design highlights, among other things, facilitate the entry of natural light to all facilities and optimize energy management. It even has a system for reusing rainwater.

The campus has universal accessibility, which allows it to be used safely, independently and comfortably, by everyone. To do this, we have chosen the methodology contained in the UNE 170001-1, being the most complete and exhaustive.

It is the only corporate campus with these dimensions (surface equivalent to five football fields), located in central Madrid, and has decisively contributed to the transformation that is taking place in Méndez Álvaro, an urban area that has received, outdated industrial uses for years and currently, it outlines as a new area of economic centrality.

dormakaba’s contribution to the Project
The dormakaba solutions applied, meet accessibility requirements necessary without forgetting its sophisticated design.

No matter what type of application the customer has projected to his door, dormakaba has, almost certainly, the door control system to manage it. Buildings such as the Repsol Campus in Méndez Álvaro, have been equipped with dormakaba barrier free door systems that allow fluid movement to everyone, whatever their particular circumstances.