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A sports-UFO.


KÖZTI Zrt, Budapest


Budapest, Hungary

Since 2003, a spaceship arena has been the second-largest building in Budapest “Use days” is the magic word for today’s successful stadium concepts. The French Bouygues Group demonstrates what that means in practice with the Budapest Sport Arena, completed in 2003.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
At 26,000 m², the futuristic indoor stadium is one of Europe’s largest sports halls. The shimmering silvery giant oval with a media-friendly spaceship decor was designed by Büro Közti in Budapest. A modular design with adjustable grandstands can be adapted to accommodate between 7,000 and 12,500 spectators.
dormakaba glass fittings and dormakaba folding and automatic sliding partitions guarantee a pleasant, freely adaptable ambience. The extensive use of dormakaba door and security technology further underlines the high constructional standards applied in project implementation. dormakaba supplied products from almost the whole product range.