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dormakaba welcomes travellers to Bodrum


Tabanlioglu architects


Bodrum, Turkey

The new building of the Bodrum International Airport offers space and transparency as well as high ceilings and the optimal use of daylight. It was designed by Tabanlıoglu Architects as a link between the national and international airports and consists of two main structures: the “air side”, a transparent glass and steel linear scaffold to which the planes connect, and the terminal building on the “land side”.

A new link from regional roots to global ambitions
Thanks to the special extra-clear glass used at the north direction of the “air side” overlooking the landings and takeoffs of aircrafts, the scenery encompassing the meadows all the way up to mountains can be viewed. As a result, this provides a holistic internal-external relation. The south, east, and west directions of the air side use serigraphic glass, which allows for the flow of daylight in a controlled manner. A mild veil effect, however, supports temperature control.

Composition of secondary elements and finishes create the atmosphere of holidays and soothe the passengers, whereas the primary elements clearly demonstrate directions and strong official organization ultimately providing for the easy circulation of passengers within the terminal.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
Passengers enter the airport by means of the aircrafts and then through jetways made of glass which lead to dormakaba’s glass sliding doors at the terminal.