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Convenience and elegance


LESON Innenarchitektur x Objektmanagement, Frankfurt a.M.


Stade, Germany

“In the first instance, it was important for these clients that the rooms in the newly constructed building would be bright, friendly, contemporary and offer a simple yet compelling elegance. At the same time, the materials used and the interior architecture had to be consistent with the shipping and maritime environment in which this partnership primarily practises. Consequently, the reception and the interior rooms of the archive on the ground floor, for example, have been designed along the lines of containers on a ship,” explains the Frankfurt interior architect responsible, Susanne Leson (Dipl.-Ing.) in outlining the spec.

dormakaba's contribution to the project

Immediately behind the reception area, MOVEO Glass partitions have been installed so that, depending on requirements, a separate conference room can be readily provided. As a result of the transparency of the elements, entering visitors enjoy an unlimited view ahead, consistent with and symbolic of the far-sightedness of the organisation in which they find themselves. In order to keep the impression of generous space as unimpaired as possible, the parking niche used to stack the glass elements is of exceptionally compact design. As a result of the high dimensional flexibility that dormakaba can offer, such demands can invariably and readily be met with MOVEO Glass partitions.