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Specification Services

dormakaba Architectural Consultants offer a comprehensive cross divisional specification and scheduling service. The consultants work to provide a complete package and single reference point for the client, assisting architects throughout building process.

In the modern buildings of today, there are a broad range of products available with complex security, access and safety concerns. It is therefore imperative that the architectural hardware systems specified are compatible and compliant with the applicable safety regulations. A building must also be functional and adhere to budget limitations which makes the role of dormakaba Architectural Consultants essential to the construction process.

The specification and scheduling team provides a fast, accurate & detailed analysis of all products required. In addition, dormakaba Architectural Consultants are able to specify products from the entire ironmongery industry



Professional Specifications Service

▪   Budget preparation

▪   Review of substitution requests

▪   Response to RFIs, Owner’s comments, and comments from other entities

▪   Revit Families and Revit Door scheduling (BIM) Building Information Modelling

▪   Specialized technical solutions

▪   Develop detailed, open and competitive architectural hardware specifications and schedules

▪   Meet with Design Professional and/or Owner to discuss project requirements and security coordination

▪   Assist Owner in development of keying schedule

Please supply your dormakaba Architectural Consultant with detailed FLOOR PLANS and DOOR SCHEDULES to enable comprehensive project specification.