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How do I download the dormakaba mobile access app?
The mobile access app is available for Android and iOS devices. Search for "dormakaba mobile access"

The app for Android can be downloaded in Google Play Store.
Get it on Google Play

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iOS users can download it from App Store.
Download on the App Store

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2) App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Why can't I find the mobile access app in the App Store or in Google Play store?
Mobile access app is compatible with certain OS versions, which are stated in Google Play or App Store. Please use a web browser in order to get the information. 
Please update the OS to the required minimum version. 

I use the Android mobile access app. Sometimes I get a notification when opening the mobile access app that BLE (or NFC) is switched off and sometimes not. The settings of my smartphone are the same. How can it be?
This behaviour depends on how you exit from the mobile access app. You can exit by either clicking the "Back" button or the "Home" button.

By clicking the "Back" button, the mobile access app will be closed. If the mobile access app is opened again, BLE (and NFC) settings are checked and a notification is displayed.

By clicking the "Home" button, the mobile access app app is still active in the background. If the mobile access app is opened again, BLE (and NFC) settings are not checked and no notification is displayed.

I can not access with my smartphone. It seems that the door component does not react. What can I do?
All door components which are mounted to the door are battery driven. In order to guarantee a high battery lifetime, those components need to be woken up. In order to wake up the door component, click the button in the mobile access app and place and hold the smartphone close to it.

If you ever have used a badge to get access with door components, use a similar approach speed with your smartphone.

There is also a huge difference between smartphone types. Try different positions of the smartphone on the component to get access.

Do I need an Internet connection to get access?
No, an Internet connection is only needed to refresh digital keys.

The mobile access app icon shows a number in the upper right corner. What does it mean? And how can I remove it?
The number is a notification and informs about an update of the digital keys (either added, changed or deleted access permissions).

You can remove the number by refreshing the digital keys (open the mobile access app → Digital keys → "Refresh).