Glass applications demand a special type of hardware


Double-action doors with TENSOR offer special comfort in an interplay between movement and tension. Especially when the door securely moves to your desired position via the hinges alone. The doors can easily be opened in both directions and always return to their closed position-–without any need for floor springs installed in the floor or door closers on the upper glass edge.


Product details

  • Curved and silk-matt aluminum hinges with a harmonic, integrated inlay
  • 3-color inlay variant - either fitting or an intentional contrast to the hinge version
  • Easy and precise zero position configuration
  • For 1 or 2-leaf interior doors

  • Max. door leaf weight, 65 kg
  • Max. door leaf width, 1,000 mm
  • Set with a 90° opening angle

You can find additional technical information in the technical documents.

  • For indoor use