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RCI WPDT Wireless Power & Data Transfer

An innovative and less intrusive way of wirelessly transferring low voltage power and data signals between a door and frame. 


Product details

  • Ideal for situations where power cannot be routed to an electric lock in the door. 
  • Enables less wire runs to various points of the door. 
  • Eliminates a power transfer hinge or other method of power transfer. 
  • Two-piece device has an RF receiver and transmitter – transmitter resides on the frame side while the receiver resides in the door. 
  • For fail secure devices only. 
  • Power is delivered to the transmitter that transfers power/data wirelessly to the receiver. 
  • Ability to monitor RX, LBM, DBM (max 2 signals)
  • Status indicators (frame & door side).  
  • Monitoring function(s) report change of state of the lock switches back to a control panel. 

  • UL 10C, Classified as a miscellaneous fire door accessory 
  • FCC and ISED compliant 
  • Patent: US 9,235,942 B2