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Sports & Entertainment

At big sports and entertainment events – football games and pop concerts for example – thousands of people have to be channelled into and out of the venue within a short period of time. This requires careful planning and efficient controls. The right balance has to be found between security, efficiency and freedom of movement.

Ideally, access control will be linked to the ticketing system so visitors can move quickly and smoothly into the venue. This is facilitated by modern technologies such as barcode scanning and biometric identification. If there is any kind of panic, spectators need to be able to vacate the site via designated escape routes as quickly as possible without coming to any harm.

With our full range of access solutions for sports stadiums and entertainment venues, dormakaba meets the highest standards of reliability, robustness and throughput while complying with all international security requirements. Products include a wide range of turnstiles, barriers and revolving doors that help ensure efficient flows of people. The turnstiles can be integrated with any industry-standard ticketing system. Modern stadiums are increasingly multi-use complexes with restaurants, hotels and conference rooms, so dormakaba's access control and security solutions are designed for seamless integration into existing systems. As well as taking account of all the statutory security regulations, these solutions are also notable for their unique, functional design.

dormakaba offering to sports & entertainment

  • Turnstiles & barriers
  • Automatic door operators
  • Electronic locks
  • High security key systems
  • Door closers and ironmongery for fire and internal doors
  • Emergency egress hardware and systems
  • Workforce management
  • Online & offline access control