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All hotel guests (business or leisure traveller) place a great deal of trust in the hotels they choose; they expect security but also the greatest possible comfort and convenience. This begins at reception – checking in and out – and applies in particular to the rooms they stay in.

Hotel operators are interested in innovative systems that fulfill several functions at the same time and that are easily maintained and managed. These systems can be traditional offline locking systems to wireless online locking systems that allow the locks to be managed from a central office. Hotel systems obviously have to provide security, but they also need to simplify processes and save costs by enhancing hotel operations. RFID systems in particular are coming very much to the fore in this market due to user-friendliness for guests and hotel employees and due to the advanced security features that RFID technology can enable.

For fire doors, our range of certified and tested door closers, emergency exit hardware, and ironmongery will ensure that guests are kept safe, and that the spread of fire is prevented in accordance with fire building regulations.
Reducing energy use is also an important focus. dormakaba offers products such as energy savers for guest rooms that ensure all power is switched off when guests leave their room. Revolving doors for reception areas and public entrances also provide excellent thermal insulation, helping to reduce energy costs.

dormakaba offering to hospitality and leisure

  • Revolving doors, automatic doors & turnstiles
  • Reception management systems
  • Electronic locks
  • High security key systems
  • Energy saver units
  • Push button locks
  • Door closers and ironmongery for fire and internal doors
  • Emergency egress hardware and systems
  • Workforce management
  • Time & attendance
  • Safe locks
  • Online & offline access control