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Healthcare establishments represent a complex physical environment, with numerous internal and external entrances to departments and areas used by staff, patients, suppliers, and visitors that require different levels of access control.

The risk of theft, vandalism and attack to visitors and staff, are unfortunately daily threats for consideration in healthcare facilities. These risks can amount to material loss, damage to reputation, litigation and, in extreme cases, loss of life. 

By virtue of their function, it is likely that healthcare facilities have a higher proportion of physically weakened and disabled users coming through their doors than any other type of building. It is therefore crucial that the selected door and access products are the correct grade and quality to comply with healthcare design guidance, in addition to Building Regulations, to enable fire safety, security and ease of access for all.  An appropriate maintenance programmer is essential for the sufficient service and maintenance of any investment.

At dormakaba we develop and manufacture a wide range of security and door products that provide a safe and secure environment. Meeting all of the requirements for the facility, our comprehensive access control systems, automatic doors, fire doors and time-recording devices, ensure optimum security and efficiency without compromising people’s movement. Moreover, they integrate well into the hospital management system (HMS) including fire alarm, workforce and contractor management systems.

dormakaba offering for healthcare

  • Door Hardware
  • Fire door and emergency egress hardware
  • Automatic doors and entrance systems
  • Electronic access control & data
  • Mechanical key systems
  • Push button locks with need no keys, for restricted zones
  • Time and attendance terminals
  • Security doors to separate restricted zones from public spaces