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Team dormakaba appoints performance director

Professional South African mountain biking outfit, team dormakaba, has been strengthened by the appointment of renowned coach and sports scientist, Dr Mike Posthumus as its performance director.

The team now consists of well-known cyclists Nico Pfitzenmaier, Samantha Sanders, and Amy McDougall, with Dr Posthumus adding a vital training and sport physiology component as dormakaba further boosts its investment in the sport.

“As a professional coach and sports scientist, Mike brings with him a wealth of experience and insights into elements like training periodisation and other critical training principles that will be invaluable to our team. However, Mike is also a semi-pro mountain biker and will also represent us in the senior men’s category,” says Shaun Frayne, MD of dormakaba South Africa.

Even though Dr Posthumus currently coaches some of the top riders in the country and a keen mountain biker, he is a family man who is married with two children. His appointment to team dormakaba highlights how cycling is more than just a pure physical pursuit but entails a great deal of preparation, psychology, and other elements.

“Training for cycling event require dedicated training, with consideration for ensuring adequate recovery between training sessions. Mike will be offering this help to not only our pro riders, but to everyone following the dormakaba channels, or chatting to Mike at events. He is someone that any amateur cyclist can identify with as he has a demanding job, family responsibilities, and still tries to get around to training and competing in events.”

In many respects, Dr Posthumus illustrates the cycling lifestyle that many ordinary men and women try to embrace. Even though he will compete under the team name, he is not targeting victories but will continue to demonstrate that any person with the right dedication can achieve great things if they put their mind to it.

“This is the start of what will be an incredible partnership and we are excited by some of the ideas and principles Mike will bring with him to team dormakaba,” concludes Frayne.