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Our Performance Director, Dr Mike Posthumus, provides tips for adding gym training to your on bike training.

7 facts you should know:

  1. Strength training will provide an additional gain in performance to competitive athletes which are already training to their full potential – when correctly performed and incorporated into their training programmes
  2. A strength training session should never be added on top of your normal training. When including strength training ensure you decrease your training on the bike.
  3. Ensure adequate recovery after your strength training session and only include intensity training on the bike once your legs have fully recovered.
  4. Include a combination of both heavy low repetition based strength training and low resistance explosive strength training in a periodised manner (i.e. align the objectives in the gym with your objectives of your specific period of training on the bike)
  5. Do not be put off very heavy weights. Very heavy weight training with low repetitions may be used to gain strength without gaining too much muscle bulk. 
  6. Include exercises, which mimic the muscle patterns used when cycling. For example, a weighted single leg step up is a good exercise for cyclists to perform as similar muscle groups and joint range of motions are used.
  7. To avoid injury, always ensure that you are performing all exercises with correct technique. Consult a personal trainer, biokineticist or other expert to ensure your technique is correct.