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Team dormakaba, Food for Sport enter partnership

The Performance Kitchen food service arm of nutrition provider Food for Sport will provide support to the professional mountain bike cyclists of team dormakaba to ensure they perform optimally at races.

“We have been working with a few of the cyclists on an individual basis, covering various levels of assessments, consultation, and nutritional planning. This has now evolved into the performance nutrition meal service with us being more hands on at some of the key events on their racing calendar,” says Adrian Penzhorn, director of performance nutrition at Food for Sport.

The Performance Kitchen has been working with several top athletes including provincial and international rugby players, professional footballers, and several other cyclists. However, its value proposition extends to ‘weekend warriors’ as well.

“We are all athletes, so our service is beneficial to everyone from the amateur through to the elite including the athlete’s partner, sibling, or even parents. Dietary requirements differ. However, we should all be eating the best quality produce we can find which is what our meals are based on,” he says.

For Dr Mike Posthumus, performance director at team dormakaba, this partnership heralds an exciting time for the team.

“I have worked closely with Adrian for a few years. He is an extremely knowledgeable sports dietician and has significant experience in working with endurance athletes. The Performance Kitchen simplifies everything for an athlete. After a consultation, he develops an eating plan and is then able to prepare and deliver the food directly to a person’s door,” says Posthumus.

Recent scientific research has shown the benefits of periodised nutrition that sees the matching of an athlete’s diet to their training requirements. The idea is to adjust the amount of carbohydrate and total calories to match the intended training load and training objectives.

“This is where the Performance Kitchen is a huge benefit. It can monitor our team’s training and adjust diets accordingly. The number of calories provided in each meal is precisely calculated to achieve the intended goal. If the intention is to lose weight, the total number of calories will be lower than the athlete is expending each day. However, for optimal performance, recovery, and adaptation, calories will be adjusted to matched to the additional work completed on the bike.”

According to Penzhorn, the Performance Kitchen can enhance the training and recovery outcomes of team dormakaba.

“We create more responsive athletes if the nutrition is done right. And for those enthusiasts who are still carrying day jobs, we reduce the stress of not knowing what to eat or not having the time to prepare it.”