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Matrix One: Access control designed for SMBs

Whether it is protecting the perimeter of a business or securing high-value resources inside a building, access control is fundamental to the safeguarding of organisational assets. However, these are typically designed with the needs and budgets of large organisations in mind. To this end, dormakaba South Africa has announced the Matrix One out-of-the-box access solution focusing on small to medium businesses.

Available in three variants, Matrix One S, Matrix One E, and Matrix One O, these can be tailored depending on the specific use case needs of the organisation. Matrix One is a user-friendly browser-based solution that can be installed on the Microsoft Windows operating system. And because it is available online, it can be accessed regardless of geographic location to ensure general modifications can be quickly implemented. It uses the existing infrastructure of the company, so there is no need to invest in additional hardware or to replace any current access doors.

This ensures there is a minimal outlay in terms of cost, time, and personnel to install and maintain the access door solution. It enables the efficient management of access authorisations for up to 1 000 employees based on key plans or fixed access profiles assigned to individuals or groups of employees.

From a security perspective, all data remains on the corporate network. The system also supports offline, online, and wireless access on physical cards as well as application access using a mobile phone of the employee.

Beyond pure access control, Matrix One also provides additional functionality such as access to employee records, individual permissions, review of times access has been used, and even room zones.

Matrix One S is the entry-level solution providing configuration of up to 100 doors inside the organisation. It delivers access permission via a locking plan and has mobile access functionality. Matrix One E and Matrix One O have no limitations on the number of doors being configured and both provide access permission via a locking plan, fixed access profiles, individual and group access, and mobile. Matrix One O delivers expanded functions for those businesses looking for a more sophisticated access door environment.

Matrix One is the ideal access control solution for everything from lodging systems and safe locks to interior glass systems, industrial doors, and gates and barriers.

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