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Flexible access control from the palm of your hand

Leading provider of fully automated access control and security technology dormakaba has again taken next-generation solutions to a new level with the roll out of Evolo Smart – a total solution, managed via an app on your smartphone, for smart access for the home or micro enterprise business.

Evolo Smart enables full access control by linking an app, run off the smartphone, with a building or residence, and using this to create and manage digital access rights and door components.

Using the solution, micro enterprise business managers and home owners can issue new access media such as a virtual key, card or a key fob, and delete or restrict as required.

Simply tap to enter the time profile. You delete lost media with a swipe and update the door component.

You can also read the status information of the door directly on your smartphone. And best of all, you don’t need an internet connection for all these processes, because evolo smart runs offline.

To program new access media, scan the QR code on the card or key fob.

It also allows for smartphones to be used as access mediums. To authorise, users simply get a virtual key via the evolo smart app, send it electronically to the smartphone on which the free DOOR by dormakaba app is downloaded.

For the home, Evolo Smart enables full control of who can enter the home, when, where and why. Users can create access rights and manage these at the click of the smartphone button. No more waiting for someone with keys, no more worry over keys being lost or being locked out!

dormakaba has released the Evolo smart starter kit to assist users in setting up and programming the application on their smartphones.

The Evolo smart starter kit gives users the entire evolo smart package, ready for use in one box!

The kit includes one digital cylinder, two access media in the form of card and key fob, one master card and a special tool for installation or battery change. Smartphone not included.