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Managing the opening

dormakaba provides solutions for end-to-end commercial protection

In the same way its technology guarantees protection, dormakaba has established a rock-solid reputation in the global market as a trusted services provider of next-generation access control, smart entrance systems and security solutions.

Technical features that have helped to entrench the value of dormakaba include user-oriented door control solutions, automated door systems for increased convenience, and intelligent access management for employees and visitors alike.

dormakaba offers a full range of services from planning, implementation, installation and maintenance of entrance and access systems.

It is backed by over 150 years of experience that has forged the company’s unrivalled calibre of expertise with millions of products installed worldwide.

The company’s proven hardware and software are designed to control people flow and grant various access rights for different groups of individuals as well as provide easy access for those who have mobility limitations.

dormakaba is internationally recognised for the successful roll out of technology across numerous key vertical markets including but not limited to residential, healthcare, corporate enterprise, transport and hospitality.

All of these verticals are characterised by business ventures that are almost entirely dependent on rendering a service to people. These ventures are people-centric and are also very reliant upon creating the right kind of impression and a customer experience to remember – for the right reasons.

A healthy approach

Many healthcare operators will immediately link the name dormakaba with strong, reliable technology for healthcare facilities like hospitals, medical centres, clinics, GP practices and pharmacies, to name a few.

The healthcare environment must be sterile, user-friendly and accessible while maintaining strict control.

dormakaba addresses all these requirements by supplying robust technology. Examples of this being hermetic door solutions and interlocking systems for cleanrooms and operating theatres. Its automated entrance systems allow barrier-free access throughout the property while tailormade access control solutions manage the access rights of personnel.

The business side of access control

dormakaba has also strengthened its standing in the market as a result of highly successful tailored workforce management solutions for enterprises.

As an SAP certified partner, dormakaba is well positioned to integrate its time and attendance, shop floor data collection and electronic access control solutions into business processes.

The company understands that the main security concern for business owners in today’s competitive commercial environment is to protect both personnel and property.

These businesses are eager to leverage the right door solutions sourced from a reliable and knowledgeable partner, including flexible room concepts, time and attendance systems, barrier-free access, vehicle access management and secured entrances.

Hospitality access control hotspot

dormakaba offers innovative lodging solutions for the hospitality sector with its integrated access control solutions.

The formula continues to garner recognition and approval from hotels, bed & breakfasts, resort complexes, entertainment venues and family-run guesthouses, to name a few.

All aspects of access control to- and from a premises is dependent on seamless interaction between convenience, design and technology.

dormakaba has applied its world-renowned expertise, its in-depth knowledge of commercial security and access control to develop innovative solutions. These allow the operator to efficiently organise and secure operations in different areas of the facility.

The company continues to grow and capture market share across an expanding footprint based on exceptional technology and expertise.