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dormakaba offers bleeding-edge Workday time tracking software

Leading global provider of access control and security solutions dormakaba is proud to announce the roll out of b-comm for Workday, cutting edge time tracking software that empowers the business with easy-to-manage ERP that offers seamless control over HR, financial and payroll processes.

The solution increases operational efficiency by reducing employee input with easy-to-use, intelligent devices.  It is designed to simplify time tracking and data collection but also increases employee engagement with internal messaging, improved communication and individualised user experience.

b-comm for Workday is available on-demand (cloud) or on-premise as a single integrated platform for the entire enterprise.

It features RFID or fingerprint biometrics and from an HR point of view, the accuracy of data prevents duplicate timesheet transactions, therefore reducing the effort to fix errors.

Other HR benefits include reducing manual inputs and back-office work, enhancing legal compliance and providing individual user experience at the dormakaba terminals.

But as businesses operate in a tight economy, time and attendance management has become paramount. Most organisations simply cannot afford inaccuracies or anomalies in time and attendance and/ or payroll data.

b-comm for Workday reduces payroll errors and increases data accuracy, enables managers to monitor employee attendance and on-premise status, allow multiple job input for employees, enforce meal and break policies, as well as prevent early clock-in prior to the scheduled start.

It also reduces or eliminates unauthorised overtime.

Regulation and control

HR, financial and payroll processes are under increasing scrutiny because of the urgent growing need for data security and management compliance.

This solution once again empowers businesses with the ability to ensure total compliance and meet regulatory frameworks.

The IT manager has the advantage of continuous 24/7 data collection, with multiple time collection device options to match corporate styles.

B-comm communicates securely and seamlessly using standard Workday web services. Validation data is maintained in the Workday HCM, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Time and labour data collected in B-comm automatically updates the employee’s Workday time sheet.

With the development of new dormakaba terminals, the compatibility of one terminal series with the next terminal family always has top priority. This way, dormakaba ensures that you can use a mixture of your existing and new dormakaba terminals together, thereby protecting your investment for many years to come.

dormakaba develops and produces all components in an ISO 9001 approved quality management system. With modern development methods and procedures, dormakaba’s employees have dedicated themselves to meet your quality requirements without compromise.

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