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dormakaba locks in value for healthcare industry

Premier provider of robust access control and security solutions dormakaba continues to strengthen the foundation of the healthcare industry, adding layers of protection to safeguard people, equipment, buildings and facilities.

Backed by decades of experience in market-leading door control and access control infrastructure, dormakaba is the trusted technology partner to the healthcare profession and relevant operators.

Stakeholders who provide key services within this industry continue to rely on dormakaba solutions to guarantee protection.

Facilities like hospitals, medical centres, clinics, GP practices and pharmacies, to name a few, are among the company’s clientele.

dormakaba’s proven hardware and software are designed to control people flow and grant various access rights for different groups of individuals – as well as provide easy access to those who have mobility limitations.

Product portfolio

Aside from the quality of its expertise and intellectual property, dormakaba is differentiated in the market by its user centred software and hardware.

Its product portfolio includes automated entrance solutions for perimeter security of premises, building security with innovative software-based access control and management, door control and hardware solutions for fire rate doors, as well as infrastructure to secure access and privacy in patient rooms.

The healthcare environment must be sterile, user-friendly, accessible but strategically controlled.

dormakaba addresses all these requirements by supplying technology that ensures infection control in cleanrooms with hermetic door solutions and interlocking systems. Its automated entrance systems allow fast access to the emergency department and barrier-free access throughout the property.

It also provides infrastructure to healthcare facilities that must have bespoke access to medicine cabinets and lab equipment, design-highlights for public visitor areas and configurable spaces.

The company is synonymous with compliant solutions for corridors and passageways, as well as extensive services for sustainable building performance.